Entrepreneurs are crazy and that’s a good thing

For most individuals, the entire idea of creating your own business is crazy. There’s no steady income, no blueprint for how to build it, and a significant risk that it may all come crashing down. But for those of us who the entrepreneur bug has bitten, it’s all worth it.

People dropping out of college to focus on their startups, living on their buddies’ couches, or consuming ramen every day for a month are all stories we’ve heard. Many entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered, are motivated by something in their lives that they’re attempting to conquer psychologically. …

Do you know how VeChain’s Platform Provides Traceability in Retail?

VeChain employs blockchain and smart tags (NFC/RFID/QR Code) to manage the whole lifetime of retail items. End-users can use the VeChain pro mobile app to examine and validate product details. The retail solution may also help with effective channel management, after-sales support, and convenient financial services — like insurance.

Let us uncover some essential details about traceability in retail and the technologies that would be IoT sensors/tags and VeChain’s blockchain platform.

Data + Analytics = Traceability in Retail

Traceability is a component of logistical management that refers to analyzing information based on documented identifications. Increased traceability necessitates collecting more data and assigning particular duties to various supply…

Have you listened to virtual influencer or fictional computer-generated influencers before?

If yes! Then surely, you are familiar with the term virtual influencer marketing. For those who might be unaware of or lack the know-how of this term, I’ve got you, and I have a clear explanation for you on this topic.

Let’s uncover some basic but important details about virtual influencer marketing.

What is virtual influencer marketing?

A virtual influencer is a computerized 3D model employed as an influencer by many brands instead of using real celebrities as an influencer. Their owning companies control virtual influencers. …

E-commerce and social commercial are determining our society. It is because technology has laid a strong impact in almost every field and has weaved the entire world into a global network.

“The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.” (Cushla Sherlock)

Let’s understand the concept of e-commerce and social commercialism first.

E-Commerce and Social Commercialism

E-commerce incorporates online sales and purchase of goods and deals with transferring funds over an e-network, i.e., the internet. This e-transferring happens business to business or business to consumers, usually termed B2B and B2C using online platforms. E-commerce has revolutionized the marketing industry amazingly…

On-demand economy has become a hot topic over the past few years. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term, chances are good that you’ve already encountered it (and even used it).

How? Think of any time you’ve used technology to gain access to a service. Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Uber Eats, PayPal, Venmo, Lyft, InstaBuggy, Airbnb, buying movie/plane/bus/what have you tickets online; you can find tens (if not hundreds) of examples just in the world around you.

Needless to say, this shift has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. Over the past 20 years or so, on-demand economy has created…

Contactless payment is referred to as the safest payment method compared to chip and PIN payments or cash transactions. During this pandemic, COVID-19 limits of contactless payment were raised in several banks. As COVID-19 disturbed many social activities and the online working increased, contactless payment gained massive popularity.

The Introduction of Contactless Payment

Contactless payment was the first experience in France in October 2005. The Erste Group launched an NFC-only debit card that was implemented in Austria in 2016. In 2016, it became broader with wearable technology devices and offered this payment feature.

Basic systems that are working for contactless payment are RFID or NFC…

One of our most serious flaws is our messed-up commercial food system. It’s fossil-fueled, poisonous, monoculture, and centralized, which makes it unsafe. The true cost of inexpensive food is quite expensive for both humans and the environment.

“Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live.” (Jim Rohn)

You must be extra conscious about your body’s health, as it matters the most. Locavore is locally grown food. And it is the best suitable food for your body to keep it healthy and fit. Hence, no compromise on your body. Your body is the home where you…

Art is subjective — it is one of these topics which unites and divides humans at the same time. Besides its view, smell, or sound the art’s physical existence is one of the key points of discussion. What value does digital art provide? This is extremely hard to answer per se, and the following investment story tries to investigate the value that digital art can provide. Value is measured in form of monetization as money has always been a good indicator of what people see as value for products or services they seek for.

Crypto Tulipa

Crypto Tulipa are digital collectibles of…

Autonomous driving is currently receiving tremendous attention due to the competition in reaching level 4 vehicles with high automation. The main challenges for self-driving are 3d map construction, self-localization, and interpreting the surroundings. Still, the availability of large datasets is the biggest bottleneck for developing robust prediction models.

Open Source Data Platforms

It can be hard to find datasets that are suitable for the domain of application. The following lists shows are a collection of platforms that provide search functionality to find suited datasets for general purposes:

  • Google Dataset Search Engine (Link): The search engine indexes machine learning datasets that are available on the…

Machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, teaches computer systems to learn and improve based on past experiences. Tasks are automated in a similar way to how humans would complete them as machine learning reveals patterns and rules out of gathered data. Machine learning allows companies to transform their business by leveraging customer services like offerings, advertisement, and other previously manually conducted tasks of their daily business. The use cases can be extended to multiple industries and levels of detail. Current endeavors focus on complex and critical tasks as autonomous driving, disease detection, and disaster predictions.

Machine learning algorithms are…

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